Who are we?

Zipble is inspired by a group of passionate photographers, travelers, commuters, and creators who needed a pack that could meet all their needs while providing the right combination of style and function. We are committed to creating unique designs with useful features and functional elements that are precisely crafted to fulfill the various needs of all bag users while preserving comfort and style.

The brand name Zipble is synonymous with fine craftsmanship and meticulous design. The Zipble bag is the culmination of years of research, and it incorporates all the characteristics that bag users desire in their pack. 

Zipble Bag is divided into three main sections: The Tech, The Snapshot, and The Expand. The new three-panel design gives you unparalleled customization options. The Ziple Bag’s flexibility allows you to detach and adjust its panels, giving you the freedom to customize depending on your needs. With Zipble’s innovative and flexible technology, whatever you do becomes an adventure of a lifetime. 

With Zipble, we create bags with endless possibilities!