Snapshot Panel

Wanderlust? Check. Extra batteries, power cords and adapters? Got it covered. See the world on your own terms with a tech-savvy travel bag that can protect all of those gadgets while you’re out exploring. Tech panel is essentially designed to protect all your gadgets while on an extreme adventure.

Functional laptop bag

It has Zipper Compartments in front.

Concealed d-rings

By using these, you can now choose to use it as sling bag or just carry on.

Two accessory boards

This to protect your belongings inside the bag.


Back cover panel will act as an additional support while carrying or travelling.

Keep your Photography Equipment's safe

The Snapshot section is built to keep your photography gear safe while traveling.


The Mid-loop, the bag’s main structure, contains Velcro strips on each side to give the camera divider more grip and a bottom cushioning protecting your camera and lenses from shocks and scratches.

Plenty room for your Photography Equipment's

With plenty of room, this pack will keep your photography gears organized while traveling as it has four pockets in the front panel and three compartments in the back.

Accessible Compartments

Moreover, it has three accessible compartments on the sides that provide easy access to gear during shoots: an expanding pocket, a retractable kitchen pocket, and a huge mouth opening pocket. Snapshot will surely protect your expensive equipment while on the go.