Shoulder straps and waist

Shoulder straps and waist is not just a straps. You can also bring your small peripherals such as USB, Memory Cards and Batteries with Durable Straps made by high quality materials.

Functional Shoulder straps

Having a compartment within your straps


You can place your dorm keys or car keys in the keychain loop.

Other accessories

AirPods, campus cards, IDs, and other small essentials may be placed in the zippered and mesh pocket in the shoulder straps.


Design for comfort and professional-looking.

Shoulder straps and waist

Both shoulder straps are equipped with different features to make your life easier. There is a keychain loop, zippered pocket, and mesh pockets to keep items safe from damage or theft. 

Professional Looking

The professional-looking straps on the shoulder and waist are perfect for convenient carrying and travel.

Design for comfort

Designed for comfort and additional support on your shoulders and waist, this ultralight backpack features adjustable sternum straps and 2 detachable padded waste traps.