Extension bag, Expandable and Additional Compartments that allows you to bring other equipment’s, computer peripherals, gadgets, and any related stuff’s.

Expand loop

Using this expand loop you can add more belongings inside your bag

Concealed d-rings

For strap attachment and rubber footing

Two accessory mesh & compression strap

This to protect your belongings inside the bag.


Back cover panel will a mesh pocket, compression strap and accessory loop to be attach.

Expanded Loops

The Expandable Back Loops Compartment is the perfect solution for all of your storage needs.

Added Support Snap Buckles

For added support it has snap buckles, straps and accessory loops, making it spacious while remaining compact and durable.

Back Cover

The back cover of the bag contains a luggage strap and an additional belt connector to keep the bag securely on your back

Increase Convenience

This smart bag features dual carrying options for increased convenience as well as a rubber anti-slip foot for stability and durability.